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2004-02-27 - 1:14 a.m.

I cried at work today. I was sick of being verbally abused by call after call and that not being the only reason.... I'm not paid enough to deal with those situations. The florist hired another girl I work with to be her assistant and I was super choked. I've been assisting the florist from the day I started and I can kinda see that they know I could care less about that company and the argument I had with her over ethics and customer service and me speaking my mind must of turned her off. Tears poured for about two whole minutes after a man told me I should be ashamed of myself for working for a crooked company and it hit a nerve. Because I am. What is out there for me? I'm close to being 27 and have no clue. Georgie picked me up from work and I helped her move. It was sad in a way because I adore her little pink apartment and it's so her. Beautiful trinkets and girly things that I can appriciate. It was a girls night of sorts and we moved her to strathcona near me so she can come over and watch cable television. I'm sore from heavy items, Wet from the rain and blue because I have no clue and for the first time unable to get motivated over anything but rocket live on the cbc Saturday night.

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